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Romans, Arabs, Christians... all the civilizations that inhabited València passed through the space occupied today by Alma del Temple. Our home was considered by the German editor Taschen one of the most stunning restaurants in the world. The 12th-century Arab wall divides the place in two and turns it into an unrepeatable venue with a traditional cuisine and very deep flavors.

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It is not about what we have, but about what we are; what we experience and share. All that leaves its mark is what we remember and that will continue to shape our lives … Why not enjoy or gift a memorable gastronomic experience in one of the most beautiful restaurants in the world?



Sara Olmedo
Head chef

For as long as she can remember, Sara Olmedo (Castellón, 1991) always wanted to be a cook. She completed her gastronomic studies at the Castellón School of Hospitality and Tourism, but it was in Barcelona where she began to develop her full potential. Despite her youth, Sara was head chef at Taverna del Suculent (2014-2016), at Spoonik restaurant (2016-2017) and head chef at Freixa Tradició (2017-2018) before joining Sucede, in 2018, where she served as 2nd head chef. Sara’s cuisine is a recognizable and delicate cuisine with a traditional base. Her gastronomic vision, unhurried and creative, grants honors to broths and emphasizes intense and deep flavors. Eating at Alma del Temple has never been such a pleasurable experience.
Pascual Tejada
Restaurant manager

Graduated in hospitality management at one of the most prestigious schools in Switzerland, Pascual is a top level professional, vocational and dedicated to the task of sublimating the service in a restaurant. His first experiences as a waiter took place in hotels in the Swiss country until his arrival in Valencia in 2015, the city where he has finally settled. Since then, he has participated as head of rank in the opening of Habitual (Ricard Camarena) and, subsequently, he has served as maitre at the Westin Valencia Hotel (2016-2017), maitre d’ and head sommelier at Hospes Palau de la Mar (2017-2022) and restaurant manager at La Perfumería of the Hotel Palacio Vallier (2022-2023). His arrival at Alma del Temple aims to take the restaurant to the next level and promote wine culture. Additionally, Pascual traines waiters and sommeliers, he is also a member of the tasting panel of the Association of Valencian Sommeliers and Oenophiles (ASEV) and the Valencian Association of Sommeliers (ASVASU). In 2018, Pascual was elected the best sommelier of the Valencian Community.


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